From Benešov to Konopiště by ECO-train

Your journey from Benešov to Konopiště starts by the railway station, where you can see the Emperor Saloon, a reminder of the time when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand resided close castle to Konopiště Castle. The next stop is near Benešov grammar school with its newly reconstructed assembly hall. After that we pass by the old Ferdinand brewery. From the brewery we continue to the municipal sports facilities, where we can find an ice stadium, swimming pool and other places for an active lifestyle. After that we reach the municipal cemetery. Benešov cemetery is composed of new, old and Jewish parts. The next stop is Karlov Hill, where we can find the ruined monastery and church with a bell tower. After that the Eco train goes to the city centre, to Masaryk square, where you can find the information centre and the answers to your questions about Benešov, Konopiště and its surroundings. Our path now goes around the "Sokolovna" gym decorated with sgrafitto, to the Rudolf and Stefanie hospital. The name of this hospital reminds us of the ties between Benešov and the Habsburg family. With this stop we leave the city and enter the beautiful countryside that surrounds Konopiště Castle. Our first out-of-city stop is Želetínka, where the office of Czech Forests is now located. From Želetínka are we go via the former home of the Konopiště water bailiff and now the info centre near Konopiště castle to the open air theatre, which offers culture in the romantic surroundings of Konopiště park. After this stop the eco train goes to Tuškov Hill, where there is a wonderful view of Konopiště and the surrounding countryside. After that are you reach the closest stop to Konopiště Castle and the castle gardens. The last stop is Lieutenant Heller’s Katuška Villa.

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