About the Eco train

The project focuses on the newly introduced services and tourism, which are oriented to the widest population of people with a preference for these, which may experience complications with participation on tourism. The project is open to all residents and tourists of Benešov, Konopiště castle and its surroundings. It combines important attributes that promote tourism for all and it creates an alternative for transportation to important historical objects. It gives opportunity to those who must take into account the amount of money that they spend during their free time and is helpful to those who have difficulty using mainstream services in the tourism sector in terms of health restrictions. At its core activity the Eco train supports the use of public transport and creates an environmentally friendly alternative support services which will be adapted for entry and exit of people with disabilities, but also mothers with childern and the seniors.

The project is designed for the following target groups of visitors:
• visitors to the castle Konopiště
• visitors to the city Benešov
• residents of Benešov
• disabled people
• seniors
• families with children
• children

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